Traditional Morrocan bath service is an incredibly indulgent experience that doesn't just relax your body and mind — it transports you to another world. From the warm, deeply moisturizing oils used in the massage to the soothing rituals for scrubbing and cleansing, this centuries-old practice goes beyond relaxation to provide a spiritual journey filled with exotic aromas and mesmerizing soft music.
Our makeup service will give you the glamorous transformation you desire, expertly crafted by our certified makeup artists. We use only high-quality products and materials that are gentle on your skin yet guarantee a long-lasting look so you can feel assured of a polished, professional look throughout the day. Let us make a statement with our gorgeous makeup service – we guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Our specialist technicians use the highest quality materials and take great care when applying extensions, to craft a look that is tailor-made to suit each client's unique characteristics and desired style. This service can add extra length, volume and curl to enhance eyes of all shapes and sizes, while minimizing the need for daily mascara applications. Whether you're looking for a subtle enhancement or dramatic statement look, Il Bacio will help you realize your vision.
We work with various high-quality, long-lasting materials to ensure each customer gets the perfect length and style that complements their livelihood. Customers can choose from an array of options for a customized look and receive detailed instructions for maintaining their new look. No matter the occasion, customers can walk away from our spa feeling confident and beautiful.
Whether you simply want a touchup on your current color or an all-over change, our experienced staff will listen to your needs and implement them in the best way possible. Rest assured that our hair care products are of the highest quality and provide deep nourishment and incredible results to make you look fabulous yet natural.